Our experienced engineering team along with professional expert connections in different industry segment can help you develop any type of circuit or product under one umbrella. 

We work with leading mid west board manufacturing company with state of the art manufacturing and testing facility. 

We can setup best quality prototype and production runs with our partners for you.

We are connected to industry experts in analog, digital, RF, Medical and EMI fields and we actively use their expertise from reviewing requirements to the design reviews and test result reviews before taking the product to the prototyping stage.


Your warehouse lines not delivering the required throughput? 

Tired of over promised and under delivered by our competitors. 

We found that most automation companies don't spend enough time upfront and fail to visualize exceptions at the process stage  and results are devastating. 

Challenge us to solve your automation issues and you never have to ask to any one else in future. 

Automation with traditional conveyors with pick and place or with new generation intelligent robots.

We can work with you on your existing problem or new project.

Warehouse Automation With Robots


Over the years we have developed and implemented work in consumer, industrial and defense related products. 

As a full-service product and service design firm, we offer services in research, product design, industrial design, and experience design. 

We are a leading human-centered consumer product innovation, design, development, and engineering firm. Whether creating new products and services or improving existing ones, we assist at all stages of a product’s life cycle. 

We use our advanced psycho-aesthetic framework to solve complex problems that address design, engineering, brand, and regulatory issues.

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